22 May 2013

Time for a Daysailer?

The yachting industry is slow and one might get the impression that nothing much is happening. We know little about others but, for ourselves, we are working on a number of projects. 

Once new boats are being sold in any numbers again later this year, or in 2014 or 2015, I don't think there will be great demand for designs conceived 10 years earlier.

Among other designs, please allow me to show a few pictures of a 46 ft. Daysailer which is presently on the drawing board. A Celeste 46, perhaps? 

With this design, we wanted to create a yacht with a huge cockpit, relaxed seating, excellent visibility, a long waterline, civilized handling, and a very good average speed.

Your thoughts or reactions may be very valuable in the further work on this design. I would be both happy and grateful if you find the time for a phone-call or an email (contact information here)

There is a lot more to be said and shown on this new design but, for the moment, this may perhaps be sufficient?

Looking forward to hearing from you, 
Gabriel Heyman

A boat with long legs - waterline length allows cruising at average speeds of around 9 knots

As clean lines as we can make them

A mizzen mast does nothing good on the wind, but simplifies handling, and that mizzen staysail is fun